Paper 192— Appearances in Galilee — Page 2048

grieved at the Master's seeming distrust of him, said with considerable feeling, УLord, you know all things, and therefore do you know that I really and truly love you.Ф Then said Jesus: УFeed my sheep. Do not forsake the flock. Be an example and an inspiration to all your fellow shepherds. Love the flock as I have loved you and devote yourself to their welfare even as I have devoted my life to your welfare. And follow after me even to the end.Ф

Peter took this last statement literallyЧthat he should continue to follow after himЧand turning to Jesus, he pointed to John, asking, УIf I follow on after you, what shall this man do?Ф And then, perceiving that Peter had misunderstood his words, Jesus said: УPeter, be not concerned about what your brethren shall do. If I will that John should tarry after you are gone, even until I come back, what is that to you? Only make sure that you follow me.Ф

This remark spread among the brethren and was received as a statement by Jesus to the effect that John would not die before the Master returned, as many thought and hoped, to establish the kingdom in power and glory. It was this interpretation of what Jesus said that had much to do with getting Simon Zelotes back into service, and keeping him at work.

When they returned to the others, Jesus went for a walk and talk with Andrew and James. When they had gone a short distance, Jesus said to Andrew, УAndrew, do you trust me?Ф And when the former chief of the apostles heard Jesus ask such a question, he stood still and answered, УYes, Master, of a certainty I trust you, and you know that I do.Ф Then said Jesus: УAndrew, if you trust me, trust your brethren moreЧeven Peter. I once trusted you with the leadership of your brethren. Now must you trust others as I leave you to go to the Father. When your brethren begin to scatter abroad because of bitter persecutions, be a considerate and wise counselor to James my brother in the flesh when they put heavy burdens upon him which he is not qualified by experience to bear. And then go on trusting, for I will not fail you. When you are through on earth, you shall come to me.Ф

Then Jesus turned to James, asking, УJames, do you trust me?Ф And of course James replied, УYes, Master, I trust you with all my heart.Ф Then said Jesus: УJames, if you trust me more, you will be less impatient with your brethren. If you will trust me, it will help you to be kind to the brotherhood of believers. Learn to weigh the consequences of your sayings and your doings. Remember that the reaping is in accordance with the sowing. Pray for tranquillity of spirit and cultivate patience. These graces, with living faith, shall sustain you when the hour comes to drink the cup of sacrifice. But never be dismayed; when you are through on earth, you shall also come to be with me.Ф

Jesus next talked with Thomas and Nathaniel. Said he to Thomas, УThomas, do you serve me?Ф Thomas replied, УYes, Lord, I serve you now and always.Ф Then said Jesus: УIf you would serve me, serve my brethren in the flesh even as I have served you. And be not weary in this well-doing but persevere as one who has been ordained by God for this service of love. When you have finished your service with me on earth, you shall serve with me in glory. Thomas, you must cease doubting; you must grow in faith and the knowledge of truth. Believe in God like a child but cease to act so childishly. Have courage; be strong in faith and mighty in the kingdom of God.Ф