Paper 46— The Local System Headquarters — Page 527

7. The circles of the finaliters have a unique structure at the center. And this same vacant temple is found on every system headquarters world throughout Nebadon. This edifice on Jerusem is sealed with the insignia of Michael, and it bears this inscription: “Undedicated to the seventh stage of spirit—to the eternal assignment.” Gabriel placed the seal on this temple of mystery, and none but Michael can or may break the seal of sovereignty affixed by the Bright and Morning Star. Some day you shall look upon this silent temple, even though you may not penetrate its mystery.

Other Jerusem circles: In addition to these residential circles there are on Jerusem numerous additional designated abodes.


The executive-administrative divisions of the system are located in the immense departmental squares, one thousand in number. Each administrative unit is divided into one hundred subdivisions of ten subgroups each. These one thousand squares are clustered in ten grand divisions, thus constituting the following ten administrative departments:

1. Physical maintenance and material improvement, the domains of physical power and energy.

2. Arbitration, ethics, and administrative adjudication.

3. Planetary and local affairs.

4. Constellation and universe affairs.

5. Education and other Melchizedek activities.

6. Planetary and system physical progress, the scientific domains of Satania activities.

7. Morontia affairs.

8. Pure spirit activities and ethics.

9. Ascendant ministry.

10. Grand universe philosophy.

These structures are transparent; hence all system activities can be viewed even by student visitors.


The one thousand rectangles of Jerusem are occupied by the lower native life of the headquarters planet, and at their center is situated the vast circular headquarters of the spornagia.

On Jerusem you will be amazed by the agricultural achievements of the wonderful spornagia. There the land is cultivated largely for aesthetic and ornamental effects. The spornagia are the landscape gardeners of the headquarters worlds, and they are both original and artistic in their treatment of the open spaces of Jerusem. They utilize both animals and numerous mechanical contrivances in the culture of the soil. They are intelligently expert in the employment of the power agencies of their realms as well as in the utilization of numerous orders of their lesser brethren of the lower animal creations, many of